FemJoy – Open My Eyes Video

Hi there and welcome back! This is another great week and on tonight’s femjoy update we brought you two beauties to keep you company. Eva and Very are two sensual blondes who will expose their bodies tonight, teasing you with the perfect curves and pink pussies. The babes will engage in this lesbian scene and I would bet that your cock will beg you to jerk off on then at the end of this presentation video. Hit that button and cum inside to enjoy them touching and kissing all over just for your viewing delight.

As you can see, the two are already naked. The sensual blondes took off their clothes in no time and jumped to that bed to touch and kiss each other. Wearing only the sexy black stockings, these two will touch and squeeze those perfect curves in front of the camera. They are doing a great couple and I hope they’ll come out with some other scenes because this one was simply speechless. Watch licking on each other’s hard nipples, squeezing the round buttocks and touching those sweet cherries they are carrying between the sexy legs.

The girls will not stop until each one is enjoying a nice orgasm. If you cum inside our fem joy website, you will see them fingering gentle the wet pussies, licking and massaging the clit until they are having a nice orgasm on camera, moaning loudly and breathing hard. They will lay on each other, touching their curves once again and enjoying the soft skin. Have fun watching them, my friends and is you want more, cum inside for the entire episode. A nice collection is waiting for you over there, so cum and have fun!

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FemJoy – Sunset Nude Video with Whitney C

Here we are again and tonight Whitney C brought us this amazing femjoy scene from the beach. What can be better than a sunset and a beautiful blonde? Let me tell you what: a sunset and a naked beautiful blonde. This simply stunning babe will enjoy the wonderful day at beach and in the evening she will take off her every piece of clothing and will expose her perfect body all naked to the camera. Trust me, this one will give you wet dreams. Hit that button and watch the gorgeous Whitney playing with herself at the beach, in the sunset.

As you can see, Whitney is running around all naked. We caught every moment on camera and now you will be able of watching her running and fooling around all naked at the beach. As you can see, at some point, she will get horny and will start to touch herself all over. Those amazing perky tits will bounce up and down as the playful nude muse is running around all naked and the very next moment she will squeeze them hard. Her perfect body with those curves all at the right place, nice tits with suckable nipples that simply invite you to touch and bite, those long legs that almost go forever and her shaved pussy will be on your fem joy screens tonight in a HD quality.

As you will see, Whitney gets naughty at some point. All that running and moving around all naked and also the sunset made her horny and she will touch herself all over just for your viewing delight. She is squeezing her tits and those round buttocks while looking straight into your eyes, like she is begging you to go and grab her. No more chit-chat, just hit the button and watch for yourself! For similar content, check out bed casting scene!

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Because Of You

Hi there and welcome back! As we’ve promised last time, this week we will have another beauty to present you here at femjoy. Simply stunning Dana is here and she has pictures that will give you wet dreams, for sure. She took of her every piece of clothing a posed nude, exposing that perfect body of her and teasing all the men and even the women with her perfect shapes. I’m sure this one is one of our best and the babe will make your cock popping a nice boner on her. Just grab a seat and see what I’m talking about.


As you can see, Dana is a doll babe. That long natural blonde hair, her perky tits, that sweet juicy pussy and her long legs is everything it takes to make a girls perfect. I’m not even talking about her green eyes and soft skin. She will give you some wet dreams for weeks. Anyway, Dana will take off her blue panties in front of the camera for you, then her amazing shaved cunt will be all over the camera. We came with those amazing close-ups so that you won’t miss any detail of her sweet pussy.


She will start to touch herself all over in a sensual nuru massage and in that moment I bet that some of you will simply burst in your pants before time. Looking straight into the camera, this babe will touch herself, just like Jane over here, and she will look like she is begging you to go and grab her. Her sweet pussy will be exposed and that round ass that make your mouth water will be on your screens tonight. Anyway, I’m sure you will enjoy watching the entire gallery back on our website. Cum inside for that and there you will also find a great video during the photo shooting session. Have fun, everyone!


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FemJoy – Next In Line

Hi there, my dear friends! This week we are going to preset you a redhead babe and her naked body. This amazing lady took off her clothes in front of the femjoy camera and I’m sure you all will drool on her gallery. It came out something truly amazing and it would be such a pity not to be enjoyed. Anyway, this hot chick is for the first time on camera and if her debut won’t make you wanting to enjoy the gallery, I bet that her naked curves will convince you and your cock to hit that button.


As you can see, our redhead looks  little shy in the beginning. Even if she is trying to hide that, you will also see it. Anyway, she looks even cuter in my opinion and I think that this make her unique, somehow. After awhile, you will realize that her shyness disappear and her intimate parts will not be hidden anymore. She will expose that perfect perky body in all it’s glory and we will present every inch of it in a slippery solo nuru massage. Her amazing tits with the suckable nipples are inviting you to touch them and to squeeze them hard, those hips and her pussy between are crying for a nice fucking session and the round ass is begging for a spanking.

She will turn around and will show us her sexy back. That fine ass will be exposed all over the camera. Our HD will offer you every detail of her amazing body. She will spread her legs and buttocks and those tight sweet holes will make you mouth water. I love the way she pose and I bet that this will lead her to success. Anyway, without further die, cum inside to enjoy the entire gallery. Trust me, she will go even naughtier, touching herself and fingering her sweet cunt. See ya all next time. Stay tuned!


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Cool Waters with Doria

Doria is sure one of the hottest brunettes we have around in femjoy videos. As always, we bring you only beauties with amazing curves and sensual look. This one has her debut here and she did a very good job, in my opinion. Doria is posing nude in the nature, getting all wet and horny and showing off her most intimate parts just for your viewing delight. You will love her watching in action and I bet that your cock will also love her, too. Anyway, grab a comfortable seat and see what I’m talking about.

After a little teasing, with her clothes on, naughty Doria will start to strip in front of the femjoy camera gentle and sensual. She will lose every piece of clothing until her perfect curves will be exposed in all their glory all over the camera. She is the kind of girl that will not keep you waiting, but she also like to take it slow, at the same time. I mean that she will show off her naked body from the very beginning, but the touching and squeezing will start later. She is very gentle and her skinny hands will slide down on that body pretty slow.

femjoy-cool-waters-with-doria So watch her touching her tits, her hips and her nice firm ass, then spreading her legs and wetting herself all over just for your viewing delight. She will show us her pussy after she wet herself and that pink hole will be expose in every detail in some amazing close-ups. Enjoy the HQ and the HD of our video from the shooting session back on our website where the entire episode will make your cock bursting your pants in no time. Have fun watching, everyone and see ya all next time!


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FemJoy – On The Rocks

This week Jenny came at femjoy with a smoking hot shooting session. The amazing babe exposed her firm perfect body in the nature, on the rocks and I’m sure this will lead her to one amazing porn career. Those curves and her beautiful face is all she needs for that. Anyway, this is her debut and I hope you will enjoy her. Like every girl around, she will show off her every inch of her body and we will make sure to offer you some close-ups with her most intimate parts. Delight yourself with some nude pics starring gorgeous Jenny.


As you can see, the blonde has some potential. She has her perky tits with amazing nipples, ready to be suck, long beautiful hair, amazing smile and long legs. That pink shaved pussy will help her a lot and her round ass will complete the equipment. Anyway, our babe will start with some clothes on and will end wearing only her beads. Her firm boobs will be exposed from the very beginning. A hot scene like this looks like magic caste we had some weeks ago.


She will take off her shorts and her panties and one sweet shaved cherry will be revealed to camera just for your viewing delight. And to give us the perfect view to that pussy, Jenny will bend on one rock and will spread her legs. Her butthole and her pussy are in the foreground now and she is just sitting there, waiting for your cock to stretch those tight holes. I bet that would feel amazing. Anyway, no more chit chat, let’s ht the button and let’s enjoy the entire episode back on our website! Until next time, I’ll leave you in her company. I got the felling that she will know how to entertain you and your cock. Have fun!


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Intimate with Jane

Femjoy tonight will spoil you with a busty blonde, long haired and blue eyed. This is something you’ll see when closing your eyes for awhile when closing your eyes, so let’s not waste anymore time and let’s see what this gorgeous babe has for us tonight. Let me introduce you Jane, your good company for tonight. Watch her exposing her perfect body to our pro camera and enjoy her in her every detail.


As you can see, the blonde will pose wearing only her beads. Those big all natural tits and her pussy will be all over the camera in no time. She is taking off her clothes in no time, bragging on camera with her curves and making sure her every inch of skin will be at view. Jane will spread her long legs wide open just to give us a better view to her pussy. That sweet pink cunt will be touched and rubbed tonight, so get ready for that also. After showing off her every inch of her body all naked, Jane got kind of horny, so she started to touch herself all over.

Watch her squeezing her natural tits while looking straight into your eyes, like she is begging you to grab her and to put your hands on her amazing body. She will slide those slutty little fingers down to her pussy and that pink clit will be gently rubbed while Jenny is moaning of pleasure. Anyways, the entire episode is back on our website, so do not waste anymore time and cum inside to watch her in action. Have fun, my friends and see ya all next time with some fresh content. Wanna see other beauties rubbing their pussies and their tits? If you do, check out the www.wetandpuffy.info site!


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FemJoy – Come Closer

Hi there! Another doll is back on screens and I bet she be also able of giving you wet dreams, like all the other girls around here. This redhead will flash her amazing curvy body to the femjoy camera tonight, posing naked and showing off her most intimate parts just for your viewing delight. Hayden was here before and you guys asked for more scene with herself. You got them now and these are even better than the fort ones. Without anymore delays, let’s see what she has for us tonight.

Well, you already know that Hayden has that angelic look and exposing her curves on the camera will simply make you wanting to grab her and to touch those round shapes and the sensual lips. She is always posing like she is wanting for you all naked and ready for some incredible moments. This babe is showing off her round perky tits tonight. Her white boobs which weren’t touch by the sun and those perfect suckable nipples are looking like they are craving for your hands and lips and the pink shaved pussy will be exposed in all it’s glory once again. She will make sure you are enjoying her every inch, then Hayden will go further with the teasing.

Cum inside to see what I’m talking about. The redhead will start to touch her self all over, squeezing the round big tits and touching her shaved pussy in front of the camera. It seems like she loves to tease and will go for a teasing session every time she got the chance. Tonight she had one amazing performing, so don’t even think to skip this one. Have fun watching her going naughtier than even and exposing her every inch of her body. See ya all next time with fresh fem joy content! Until then, have fun with SexyPattycake!



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FemJoy – A Cute Present

Hi there and welcome back! Because you guys are loyal to us, tonight femjoy brought you a nice present. This is our present for you and I hope you all will enjoy it. This angel will keep you company and I’m sure you will enjoy her and her bush. She exposed that amazing and young body to the camera, wearing only her white panties and that gift bow on her head. This present is a special one, so make yourself comfortable and enjoy unwrapping her slow and gentle. You could also enjoy her in this amazing lesbian scene with Patricya.

femjoy-a-cute-blonde-presentAs you an see, this model is a little shy when is comes to unwrapping. While she takes off her panties, she will try to hide her intimate parts. She looks simply amazing like that: a little shy and with the angelic smile at her cute face. It won’t take long and our blond will start to feel a little more comfortable. Her amazing body will be all over the camera and she will not hide the perky little tits or that hairy pussy of her. Actually, she will start to touch herself all over, squeezing her nipples or spreading her pussy on camera. The cure blonde rub her clit while moaning in pleasure and those slutty little fingers will slide into her wet sweet cunt. Enjoy her moaning of pleasure.


After all the fingering, this babe will show off her body once again, exposing her tits and her hairy cunt to the camera without any shyness. This time she is looking provocatively at the camera and in your eyes like she is inviting you to touch and to squeeze her every inch of that amazing body. Have fun watching her in some hot fem joy action, ladies and gentlemen and cum inside our website for the hot video. Until next week, I’ll leave you in her company. You can do whatever because she is your present. For similar content, check out the hiddenzone.org site and have fun watching some stunning babes getting spied up while getting naked!


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Fem And Joy – Remote Love with Natalia

Hi there and welcome to this fresh and hot femjoy scene. Another horny blonde was brought to you and she’ll make sure you are enjoying her company by taking off her clothes and exposing that gorgeous body of hers. Watch her going naughty on camera and provoking you to go and grab her. I’m sure that her amazing body and that charming personality will make you falling in love instantly, so let’s not waste anymore time and let’s see what Natalia has for us tonight.

femjoy-remote-love-with-naked-natalia  As you can see, she is the kind of girl who will not keep you waiting too long. This amazing blonde took off her clothes in no time as the camera started to roll. She will lay down on the floor and her amazing curves will be exposed in all their glory. Just take a look at those perky tits and her shaved pussy all laid on that floor waiting for you. Her curves, all in the right places will make your cock popping a nice boner on this one and those nipples which are craving for some sucking are inviting you to that. Her provocative look and smile are exactly what we were looking for our website.



Touching herself all over and getting naughtier with every picture will give Natalie a great success with this hot scene. I’m sure you guys will ask for more scenes with hot Natalie and I hope she be back, cause that body of her cannot stay hidden too long. Anyway, without anymore delays, grab a seat and enjoy the entire gallery. She will not disappoint you, trust me! Have fun with her till next time when another beauty will be back on our screens! If you wanna see other beautiful chicks getting naked for the video camera, check out the wet and puffy site and have a great time inside it!

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