Sexy Ivana E

FemJoy has returned with another gorgeous babe and her name is Ivana E. The hot babe offers us a little preview of her amazing curves as she poses completely naked outdoors. You aredy know this is the place to be if you like seeing hot girls taking off their clothes. But you guys can also check out these gorgeous nude amour angels showing their tits and asses in hot scenes. Ivana E. isn’t a stranger to these types of shooting and if you guys have been around here you might remember her from some of the previous updates. But if you need to know one thing, that is that these girls love posing naked and they are going to do it as often as the can and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Seeing all these gorgeous babes completely naked really makes our days a lot better. Just look at Ivana and her perfect body, those beautiful long legs, perfectly round tits and that pussy being exposed in front of the rolling camera. Ivana knows just what you guys want to see and isn’t shy about showing it to you guys. The gorgeous babe loves posing naked and this is another of those great gallery where you are going to see everything you want. Ivana didn’t hold back from giving you guys some really nice pictures so make sure you check them out. We’ll see you next time with more!


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FemJoy – Candy D

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to a new femjoy scene with some more beauties getting to play kinky for your viewing pleasure. The lovely hottie this fine afternoon here is named Candy D and as you can clearly see, she’s a beauty of a blonde with a smoking hot body and a eagerness to show off her stuff for you all today. Miss Candy gets to pose in her back yard on the porch and you can see every single second of her little naughty scene here today. Let’s not waste anymore time and check her out putting those nude curves on display here today shall we? We bet that you will adore the solo session that you are about to see with this magnificent babe here today!

As soon as we get to start off the show, the babe comes into view and she gets around to start undressing here today. She knows how to strut her stuff to tease you and we bet that Candy here will be in many of your fantasies from now on everyone. Take your time to watch her closely in this update and see her reveal more and more to you. Eventually she’s all nude, save for her choker and her bracelets. Take your time to watch her pose kinky and sensually for you all over the place without delay and have fun with it. We’re sure that Candy will be featured in more future updates as well. So anyway, see you all next week!


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Fiery Lust with Emma

Hi there! This week’s beauty is a girl on fire. The amazing Emma is back on screens and she brought us her brand new femjoy shooting session. She did a great job, one of the best till now, in my opinion and now you just got front row seats to her hot show. This lust babe will amaze us with her amazing body and I’m sure you will drool only by watching her. Anyway, as I said, she was here before and now I want you to tell me which fem joy scene you prefer.


As you can see, Emma lost no time in taking off the clothes. She was all naked pretty quick and the fire babe started the action right away. She had those dirty little thoughts all day long, she confessed in the end; dirty little thoughts that made her very horny and ready for a nice fingering session. That’s why she started to rub her eager pussy pretty quick and only after that she posed a little for you. Watch her spreading her pussy and massaging the clit while looking at the camera and inviting you to touch her body.

She is sliding the slutty fingers deep into her pussy and goes in and out until she orgasm for your viewing delight. Make sure you are ready to enjoy her in action and cum inside for the hot video. Anyway, after all that fingering, sexy Emma will pose all naked, showing off once again her sweet shaved pussy and those perky tits. Have fun, everyone and don’t forget to check back next time for some fresh content. I’m sure Emma will be a good company for you until next week. Bye!


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FemJoy – Gorgeous Lara

It is time for our weekly femjoy update and Lara will be the girls that will give you some wet dreams tonight. Because we know that gentlemen prefers blondes, juicy Lara is just the perfect choose for tonight’s update. Watch her taking off her clothes and touching herself on camera just for your viewing delight. After watching this, preparing yourself for a nice boner because Lara will not stop very easily with the teasing.

femjoy-lara-says-welcomeAs you can see, she is starting very slowly, taking off her bra and showing off those perky tits to you. She is looking straight into your eyes, like she is begging you to go and get her. I bet she’ll enjoy every second your hands would be all over her. Anyway, Lara gets straight to business, rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy right after the clothes are leaving the amazing body. We are very lucky to have her here and I got the feeling that she’ll be back with some others amazing scenes.


Without further due, just sit back there and watch her going naughty for you. Lara is spreading her legs for you just to give you a better view to that amazing shaved pussy which will be also spread and her pink clit will be also shown. Have fun watching her and cum inside if you want to see more. She will also entertain you there with the hot video from her shooting session. Another hot chick are waiting for you there and I’m sure you will enjoy watching them also going naughty and exposing their perfect curves on camera for you. Enjoy!


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Fem And Joy – Thigh High with Patricya

This is a great week and another hot femjoy scene will be all over your screens soon. Like always, the most beautiful girls are going to be your company and we will make sure you  will enjoy that in every single detail, so the HD quality is guaranteed here. But let’s not waste anymore time on chit-chating and let’s see who is this new hot chick who will be your company for the entire night. Let me introduce you Patricya, a pure angels with some amazing curves and a big passion for posing. She looks just like Lena R in her amazing fem joy debut.


Lucky for us, Patricya also love to pose all naked and she offered us this amazing collection of hot picture with herself. This babe also loves to tease and with that body of her that is not a very hard thing to do, especially when we are talking about that body all naked. Just take a look at her taking off her clothes and shoving her slutty little fingers deep inside that wet cherry. Patricya will touch herself all over just for your viewing delight and I bet that the scene will make you bursting in your pants. Her thin fingers going deep inside that amazing hole are exactly the scene you were looking for, don’t you think?

Anyway, after all that fingering, our teen will bend down and will expose her naked body to the camera, staying in that doggy position and looking straight to you, like she is begging for some cock over there. Wouldn’t you take her from every damn position until she stops you because she will not take it anymore? I bet you would enjoy that and we all would, but until then, let’s watch her performing tonight.


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FemJoy – Magic Castle

Femjoy brings you another amazing scene with this long haired blonde who enjoyed a nice shooting session at this old castle. The babe will make some magic and her every inch of that amazing body will be on your screens tonight. That magic is called fem joy HD quality and we have it for you. Most beautiful women in this world are coming to us for a shooting session and we will offer you only the best. Like this curvy blonde over here who posed completely naked and in a couple of moments you all will enjoy that from some front row seats. Just make sure you are ready for her.

As you can see, the blonde is a sensual one and that gives her an amazing sex appeal. She will take off her clothes and the castle will have her as a guest tonight. She fits there perfectly, her angelic look reminding about the muses from the past. The muses who inspired all the great writers in the past. This is exactly what she is sexy muse who could inspire some writer nowadays, for sure. Anyway, our muse will spread her sexy legs in front of the camera and that sweet shaved pussy will be shown in all it glory. Just take a look at her amazing clit and that cunt of her.


Anyway, after all that sexy posing, the blondes get horny and starts to touch her curves in front of the camera for you. She will go further with the teasing and she’ll slide those slutty little fingers into the wet pussy. In that moment you will feel your cock begging you to jerk her off hard and fast to exhaustion. Anyway, if you want to see how hardcore this blonde can get, cum inside our website and have fun watching her in action

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Girl Crush

Hello there, everyone and welcome back! Tonight femjoy brought you a hot lesbian scene starring two angels who will simply making you falling in love instantly. As always, the most beautiful women are here on our website and this time the lesbian scene will give you a double dose of beauty. Patricya and Vanessa are our amazing models and you guys asked for some scene with those two. You got them now, so just grab a seat and see what the two babes prepared for all of us tonight.


As you already know, the babes were here before in some solo scene, but none of us ever knew about their lesbian inclination. And another amazing thing is that the girls are having a great crush for each other and in the moment we told them that they will be in a scene together, the girls were simply trilled. Anyway, watch them taking off their clothes gentle and touching their bodies together. It seems like this is their first experience together and that thing makes the scene even hotter. Kissing and touching, squeezing the tits and massaging the clit, this is how our girls are starting their lesbian scene.


The girls will get to business after a little kissing and touching. This scene reminds me of Belinda and Lorena and their amazing lesbian fuck. They will bend and those sweet shaved pussies will be fingered for your viewing delight. Watch sexy Patricya bending her new partner and shoving her slutty little fingers deep inside her. She will kiss her back while the fingers are sliding in and out, making Vanessa moaning loudly for your viewing delight. Cum inside to enjoy the entire episode and watch the fingering to climax on camera. Have fun!


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Stacey and Zelda

Crazy Things. This week’s exclusive femjoy videos features a long time favorite and a fresh new addition – Stacey and her friend Zelda. What a great pair these two create. Both are fun, playful, hot young females with no shyness whatsoever. We adore that. : ) And we adore them also. It was a real fun photoshoot – we couldn’t have requested anything, or anyone much better. And we’re very sure that these two cuties will leave quite an impression for you guys today as they put on display their hot and sexy bodies once more. Let’s get started and watch this babes have some fun.

The sexy little ladies are happy to put on display their hot and sexy bodies and you get to see the whole thing today without delay. Watch as the teen babes show off their superb curves to you and see them enjoy every second that they are naked as they play around with their perky breasts and eager pussies too. We bet that you’ll simply love it and rest assured that you will get to see some more next week as we’ll be bringing you more sexy fem joy models. Until then enjoy this, and do check out the past updates and see more gorgeous beauties showing off their naked bodies. And we promise that you won’t be disappointed one bit!


See these gorgeous teen models making out passionately!


Sofie – femjoyful videos

This week’s exclusive femjoy videos features the popular, voluptuous and sexy Sofie in “Sweet Girl” and “You Make Me Happy”. Her sweetness truly shines in these updates as she changes from position to position, enjoying being filmed, and also enjoying her body. Enjoy those lovely, delicious breasts of hers. They really are spectacular. So without further due, let’s get this double feature on the road and show off miss Sofie one more time in this hot pair of videos where she gets to pose around and expose her sexy curves for you once more everyone.

Sweet Girl

The first little video follows the babe around the living room as she poses around already naked and as you can see the sexy little woman knows how to put her sexy and hot body on display. You will get to see her lounge on her sofa for this scene as she exposes her womanly figure just for you. And in the second video you get to see the babe as she takes the time to go to her indoor swimming pool to play around for you some more. And again you get to see her naked while she does her thing and plays in the water. We hope that you will enjoy her update today and her videos and we’ll be seeing you in our next update everyone!

You Make Me Happy

See this hottie posing her body in the nude on the beach!


Lena R – Fem Joy debut

This is Lena R. unusual debut here at fem joy! This adorable model has such great big tits that will blow your mind in no time. Watch her nipples getting harder while posing sexy in the cold snow! Enjoy as today you get to see a stunningly cute and sexy little lady play around and enjoy her solo time outdoors in the snow. This babe would do nicely to pose for the cameras in such a scene as her silver hair and blue eyes just fit the whole feeling of this shoot. Rest assured that we didn’t keep this beautiful lady too long outside to pose as we didn’t want that sexy body of hers to freeze either. So let’s get started.

Lena as you can see is quite the cutie and she always likes to show off her sexy body. And we understand that she’s really proud of her sexy body too. And she should be. We think that this gorgeous babe has no trouble getting any guy that she wants to with her simply amazing body and charming personality, and you can’t resist but to fall in love with her cute face and those piercing blue eyes too. Watch the babe getting naked and showing off her superb body curves as she poses around naked in the show today just for your viewing pleasure everyone. Enjoy her and see you next week just like always!


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