FemJoy videos – Stacey and Zelda

Crazy Things. This week’s exclusive femjoy videos features a long time Femjoy.com favorite and a fresh new addition – Stacey and her friend Zelda. What a great pair these two create. Both are fun, playful, hot young females with no shyness whatsoever. We adore that. : ) And we adore them also. It was a real fun photoshoot – we couldn’t have requested anything, or anyone much better. And we’re very sure that these two cuties will leave quite an impression for you guys today as they put on display their hot and sexy bodies once more. Let’s get started and watch this babes have some fun.

The sexy little ladies are happy to put on display their hot and sexy bodies and you get to see the whole thing today without delay. Watch as the teen babes show off their superb curves to you and see them enjoy every second that they are naked as they play around with their perky breasts and eager pussies too. We bet that you’ll simply love it and rest assured that you will get to see some more next week as we’ll be bringing you more sexy models. Until then enjoy this, and do check out the past updates and see more gorgeous beauties showing off their naked bodies. And we promise that you won’t be disappointed one bit!

stacey and zelda making out

See these gorgeous teen models making out passionately!


Sofie – femjoy videos

This week’s exclusive femjoy videos features the popular, voluptuous and sexy Sofie in "Sweet Girl" and "You Make Me Happy". Her sweetness truly shines in these femjoy.com updates as she changes from position to position, enjoying being filmed, and also enjoying her body. Enjoy those lovely, delicious breasts of hers. They really are spectacular. So without further due, let’s get this double feature on the road and show off miss Sofie one more time in this hot pair of videos where she gets to pose around and expose her sexy curves for you once more everyone.

Sweet Girl

The first little video follows the babe around the living room as she poses around already naked and as you can see the sexy little woman knows how to put her sexy and hot body on display. You will get to see her lounge on her sofa for this scene as she exposes her womanly figure just for you. And in the second video you get to see the babe as she takes the time to go to her indoor swimming pool to play around for you some more. And again you get to see her naked while she does her thing and plays in the water. We hope that you will enjoy her update today and her videos and we’ll be seeing you in our next update everyone!

You Make Me Happy

See this hottie posing her body in the nude on the beach!


Lena R – Fem Joy debut

This is Lena R. unusual debut here at fem joy. This adorable model has such great big tits that will blow your mind in no time. Watch her nipples getting harder while posing sexy in the cold snow! Enjoy as today you get to see a stunningly cute and sexy little lady play around and enjoy her solo time outdoors in the snow. This babe would do nicely to pose for the cameras in such a scene as her silver hair and blue eyes just fit the whole feeling of this shoot. Rest assured that we didn’t keep this beautiful lady too long outside to pose as we didn’t want that sexy body of hers to freeze either. So let’s get started.

Lena as you can see is quite the cutie and she always likes to show off her sexy body. And we understand that she’s really proud of her sexy body too. And she should be. We think that this gorgeous babe has no trouble getting any guy that she wants to with her simply amazing body and charming personality, and you can’t resist but to fall in love with her cute face and those piercing blue eyes too. Watch the babe getting naked and showing off her superb body curves as she poses around naked in the show today just for your viewing pleasure everyone. Enjoy her and see you next week just like always!

fem joy lena r on her debut

Click here and enjoy Lena R. posing naked in the snow!


Carisha FemJoy

Inspiring. This week’s exclusive Carisha FemJoy video features a new but very popular Femjoy.com beauty named Carisha in her "Inspiring" video. And she definitely is that. When we asked her if she was considering sharing her lovely body and sweetness with us she was a little bit timid. Eventually, she contacted us and stated she would like to try it out. Obviously, we were happy she did. It’s been such a delight working with Carisha in this Fem Joy video and according to the amount of replies we have received and the good quality of the feedback, we are sure our fans are pleased about that also.

Carisha’s scene as you will see, starts off with her reading and relaxing on the sofa, but this sexy and hot babe is about more than just that. She knows that she possesses a superb and sexy body and she wants to display it for you in today’s magnificent and sex video. You get to see her taking off her sexy white tank top to reveal her big natural breasts and then she proceeds to remove her small and sexy panties as well. Watch her posing around and playing with herself all naked today and make sure you don’t miss a single second of this superb video today everyone. We will see you next week as usual with more!

Sofie in Body Language

This week’s exclusive fem joy video features the popular, voluptuous, sexy Sofie in "Body Language". Her sweetness truly shines in this femjoy.com video as she changes from position to position, enjoying being filmed, and also enjoying her body. Sofie is quite "hands on" in this fresh video? that means, her hands are allover her body – particularly those lovely, delicious breasts of hers. They really are spectacular and in her sexy photo shoot today you get to enjoy them as much as you want to. So let’s not wait around any longer and get this babe’s show started without further due in today’s superb update everyone.

This sexy teen couldn’t have chose a more superb and sexy scene to pose in, and as you can see she chose a beautiful sunset at the beachside that made her look even more sexy and beautiful. Sofie decided to wear only a sexy purple scarf and she wanted to play with it as she posed around for the cameras. Watch her display her big and round natural breasts to you and see her doing a great job to strike some very sexy and hot poses just for you. We think that you will enjoy her little scene and rest assured that you will see more sexy models just like her in the near future everyone. See you next time!

fem joy body language

Watch this voluptuous teen displaying wonderful big boobies!


ALPENGLOW – Lorena G., Belinda

Another fresh week and time for some more nice and hot femjoy scenes to be brought to you guys for this fine day. In this update we bring you a super sexy and hot video featuring the stunning models Lorena and Belinda and the two ladies share the screen time together as they pose for the cameras and show off their simply gorgeous bodies to them and you guys. For their little setting the babes chose the outdoors and to be more particular, they chose a nice little forest to serve as their posing stage for today. So let’s watch the hotties get around to show off today.

As the cameras start to roll, you get to see the babes as they present themselves wearing those sexy little outfits that are sure to entice you, and then you get to see them taking the time to show off their stunning bodies to the cameras. There’s no way that you can miss these two beautiful babes and their video for today under any circumstances. So just sit back and watch these cuties show off their naked bodies to you and have fun with it. You can rest assured that we’ll be bringing these two babes back in a future update so you can enjoy them some more!

Click here and see these gorgeous models making out!


Susann FemJoy

Stay With Me. It’s difficult to find a girl on femjoy.com for whom fans praise is more constantly high than Susann FemJoy videos, particularly in her pictures from Stefan Soell. These two have worked with each other so often, their relationship is now second nature. And this second nature carries on pumping out some of the best nude nature pictures on fem joy. And for this special and fresh gallery today you get to see this sexy and beautiful woman on film once more as she gets together with the photographer to shoot some more simply amazing and stunning scenes for everyone to see in this update!

The setting itself was a nice little house on the prairie and this babe would get around to run around all sexy and cute by herself throughout the scene as the photographer caught her sexy little body on camera today. Watch miss Susann as she goes about getting all naughty and wild and sexy for the cameras as she runs around completely naked and see her playing with herself as much as she wants without anyone disturbing her in today’s amazing gallery. We hope that you will enjoy seeing this babe have some fun once more as she teases you and do drop by next week for some more nice and hot scenes that we’ll have for you guys!

susann femjoy and her great body in the gree grass

Enjoy lovely Susann having a great day outdoor!


Corinna FemJoy

Good Vibrations. This week’s update features a very long time favorite Fem joy beauty – Corinna FemJoy galleries in "Good Vibrations". And if you want her, as several do, you are aware how beautiful she’s, and always been. You will also notice that her elegance is presented even more in this great "Blue Lagoon" setting. The water round her seems to draw out every lovely aspect she has – and then some. So let’s watch this simply gorgeous and beautiful blonde with long flowing hair as she does her thing posing for you and enjoy the nice afternoon as well with a sexy and cute babe parading her luscious curves for you guys.

corinna femjoy looking great all naked

Corinna here is one sexy babe like we said earlier, but even though despite being very sexy, this adorable babe still managed to stay single. Well anyway, despite the fact that we can’t figure why any guys don’t even try to hit on her, it’s maybe because of her unwavering beauty. A beauty that today you will get to see displayed from a superb woman with a pretty adventurous spirit today. So watch her taking off her clothes at the beach side today and enjoy the show that she puts on for you as she shows off that sexy and luscious naked body of hers in all of it’s glory. We hope that you’ll like this babe’s show and we’ll see you next time!

Click here and enjoy Corinna posing naked at the beach!


Fem Joy Ariel and Irena

Same Direction. This week’s Unique fem joy video features two of the very beautiful girls we have have ever had here at femjoy.com galleries Ariel and Irena in "Same direction". Both of them have their individual qualities, however what they share is indisputable – they are all sexy and delightful, and collectively, they make a fantastic duo of sensuality, pleasure and delight. What is even better is they really like each other – and it shows. So let’s watch the couple of sexy babes today and watch them put on their show just for you guys this time. We’re sure that you’ll simply love this update so let’s get started.

As this scene starts off, you can see that these ladies are out to have a good time and you get to see them getting naughty for this afternoon. Watch closely as these two babes take to an abandoned rail road track to take off their sexy clothes and expose their nude and superbly hot bodies. They start off with showing their perky tits and naturally make their way towards showing more and more of their hot bodies eventually. So watch them play all nude and sexy today as they take the time to caress and massage one another’s hot bodies and do come back next week for some more hot and horny ladies getting around to play some more!

 irena and ariel at fem joy irena and ariel at fem joy galleries

Check out these hotties playing with their delicate body parts!


FemJoy Ashley

Blue Diva. This week’s Best of Fem joy videos features the gorgeous, voluptuous and quite popular FemJoy Ashley. We like Ashley a lot, and also our members. Since her very first shoot with FemJoy.com, she’s been well liked among our fans – particularly those who love full bodied girls such as our beloved Ashley. And yes, she’s as sweet as she’s sexy. So let’s get her sexy show started today to see this sexy babe get to work as she presents you with her superbly sexy and hot body everyone. We bet you’ll want to see more of this babe soon, so let’s get her superb show started without delay!

femjoy ashley blue diva femjoy ashley exposing her big naturals

As you can see, miss Ashley is taking the role of a postal worker today as she plans to bring you your mail in a rather…unique manner today. She gets all naked as this way you’re bound to not pass up the opportunity to meet her and so she can be sure to deliver her mail for sure. Watch as this sexy and cute babe exposes her nude and sexy body to you and watch her play with her big natural tits just for your enjoyment today. Who knows, maybe you’ll get to see this cutie once more in a future update everyone. So we’ll be seeing you next week with some more superb scenes everyone!

See voluptuous Ashley playing with her big naturals!